Inhibrx is a biotech company in Torrey Pines park area. Recently it has expanded its office space. The new lobby was designed to make a huge impact. Greenleaf IPS has designed, fabricated and installed a modern, dimensional Inhibrx moss wall logo.

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The logo is a huge 16 feet by 12 feet moss wall made with 1/25 inch industrial metal frame. The metal logo is standoff from the moss so it creates a shadow. The moss wall logo is unique and cohesive to the brand. Greenleaf IPS performs a seamless installation, usually done when all the construction is complete. We build the piece in our own production space. Our team then installs the piece with minimum noise and destruction. We consider our creations a modern organic art.

Project Inhibrx lobby

For the Inhibrx project we have also designed, fabricated and installed a moss wall element on the employee break room wall. The employee break room looked very clinical and the piece was designed to warm up the space. It softens the sounds and creates an interesting layered combination of wooden elements and industrial metal.

a moss wall element on the employee break room wall

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