OBC Brewery

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Oscar’s Brewing Company wanted to bring nature into their brewery with beautiful greenery, but they also didn’t want plants that required a lot of maintenance. So our experts recommended preserved moss because they require almost no maintenance and adds a green element, intrigue, and interest at the same time!

We also created a 4 ft by 6 ft moss and succulent wall with a 1/4 inch metal frame.

Since their brewery brings nature both indoor and outdoor, we incorporated many rustic natural elements, metal river rock, and reclaimed wood in our designs.

The brewery has a large outdoor patio that also needed some greenery to liven it up. But since it tends to get very hot in that area, we decided to add cascading succulents in natural pots hanging from their patio cover.

For the brewery walls, our client wanted a look that offered warmth and texture but was easy to maintain. There is no way to bring a water source to the walls, so we added stunning pothus plants, which also requires little maintenance. They created a nice contrast with the hot space around it and softened the sound inside the brewery.

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