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BYCOR General Contractors, Le Beau Realty, and Gensler Architecture Design contacted Greenleaf IPS to turn a drab, concrete enclosure into a modern, tropical oasis. Located in an up-and-coming office building, the space needed to impress prospective tenants, but also retain its contemporary feel.


  • Our evaluation revealed the enclosure was open to the outdoors. We needed to propose a solution that was suitable for open-air environments.
  • Project would require us to align our installation schedule perfectly with the construction of the building.
  • Would need to prepare the location and design elements simultaneously.


  • Directed client towards a tropical live wall and used digital imaging to propose a final design.
  • Began project by coordinating with the client’s contractor to prepare the site in stages.
  • Water access, drainage outlet, electrical wiring, and lighting fixtures were installed first in conjunction with the construction of the building.
  • Next, in-ground bamboo and airplants were installed prior to contractor filling the area with dirt and gravel.
  • Our metal fabricator created a 21’ x 6.5’ metal frame that enclosed the plant wall irrigation system
  • Built a substructure in our shop that could house mature plants to give an immediate “wow” factor.
  • All plants, including the 200 live wall pieces, were handpicked and ordered, then planted in their final containers to prepare for install.


All steps were crucial to be completed in this order and our efficiency ultimately contributed to the success of the overall project. The final result was a lush living wall, artfully hung air plants and planted bamboo.

  • Each piece was transported to the location in sections and assembled on-site in less than 1 day with minimal mess.
  • Clients were impressed that the design closely resembled our proposal, and went so far to say it was a “show-stopper!”
  • Met the deadline and budget with ease.

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