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Imagine flying over a forest, looking down, and seeing a variety of beautiful green trees. That’s what inspired our team during the design process for Apple’s office lounge area. The team at Apple’s office asked for a sophisticated, minimalistic design with preserved moss. With these requests in mind, our team of expert designers at Greenleaf IPS created “The Box.”


  • Design should be modern to match the office architecture with a variation of colors.
  • Project required coordination with Gensler Architectural Firm, as the building was currently under renovations.
  • Client requested complementary moss panels for two separate lounge areas.
  • Would need to follow exact measurements for designated recessed area.


  • Our design team proposed multiple layouts and the client approved a monochromatic, reindeer moss design for both panels.
  • Worked around the building’s construction schedule, so renovations were not interrupted.
  • Took meticulous measurements and followed Gensler’s architectural plan to make sure installation was seamless.
  • Greenleaf IPS’ metal fabricator created two metal frames measuring 5ft x 25ft and 5ft x 20ft.
  • Moss panels were crafted in our production shop, transported in pieces, then assembled onsite.


The final installation at the Apple office was scheduled for the weekend to avoid office employees and enforce social distancing. The moss wall designs were abstract, and client was extremely happy to see how they balanced the contemporary office design so well.

  • Project occurred during pandemic and our team undoubtedly followed the building’s COVID protocols during all phases of the project.
  • We are proud to have worked with the Gensler Architectural Firm to bring Apple’s vision to life!

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