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When you manufacture natural supplements, you need an office to match. Cymbiotika approached us to transform their headquarters to help portray the organic lifestyle they promote. With both parties having a love of greenery, this partnership was a no-brainer.


  • Create a plant solution for multiple locations throughout the office including an 18ft high concrete support wall, large logo wall, two indoor pergolas, support beams, and several plant dividers.
  • Design should promote health and wellness to match the Cymbiotika brand.
  • Solution should also evoke the look and feel of a lush, rainforest jungle.
  • Needed to meet tight deadline for company launch event.


  • Worked very closely with client to create the rainforest atmosphere they were looking for.
  • Directed client to wrap entire support wall with faux vines, plants, and moss to create a cascading, waterfall effect.
  • Designed all panels in sections prior to installation and applied touch ups on-site.
  • Strategically chose different textures and vibrant pops of purple to give a natural contrast.
  • To achieve a dripping effect, designed logo wall to have an organic arrangement of sheet moss with faux plants spilling over the top.
  • Indoor pergola would be covered in faux plants to create a tropical greenhouse so employees could feel surrounded by a jungle.
  • Selected low-light tolerant plants with large-leaves, such as bird of paradise, for potted dividers to create division in the work area.


This project presented a challenging scope and pushed us to new creative limits in all stages of the job. We’re proud to have transformed this indoor office into an outdoor oasis using biophilic design.

  • To meet deadline, employed a crew of 12 members and worked nights in order to meet launch event.
  • Utilized scissor lift to access 18ft high support wall.
  • Cymbiotika employees truly feel energized, as though they are operating in a tropical paradise.

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