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  Garden Communities LUX

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LUX by Garden Communities are the latest designer hi-rise homes in UTC to feature lavish interiors and resort style amenities. Carefully curated to appeal to the most sophisticated of tenants, we partnered with LUX’s in-house designer to create a moss wall for their private recreational lounge.


  • Create a stunning moss artwork that would be comparative to the room and balance the large space.
  • Client requested a design that would depict movement and be impactful enough to become the focal point of the room.


  • Using digital imaging, our design team presented multiple proposals for the preserved moss arrangement.
  • Selected and fabricated a matte grey, aluminum frame to match existing accents in the building.
  • Worked closely with an interior designer to perfect the final moss layout in our shop.
  • Applied a balance of large and small preserved moss pieces so the artwork was proportional to the overall frame size.
  • Construction delays interrupted the project timeline, but our Greenleaf IPS team was flexible, and installation was promptly rescheduled.


We were successful in producing a powerful centerpiece that left the client ecstatic! The moss wall was the missing piece that formed a harmony between the variety of textures throughout the room.

  • Client was impressed with how closely the design resembled our initial proposal.
  • Result further enhanced the luxurious lifestyle that the LUX building endeavors to promote.

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Garden Communities LUX






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