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Inhibrx is a biotech company located in the San Diego Torrey Pines area. With their recently expanded office, the lobby was designed to make an impact and needed an impressive artpiece to match.


  • The large wall is the main focal point when you enter the lobby and needed a design that was modern and dramatic.
  • Client voiced a priority to match the company’s contemporary branding.
  • Would need to appropriately size the panel to be proportional with the large space.
  • We also needed to create a solution for the employee breakroom that would warm up a very clinical space.


  • After an in-person consultation with the client, we presented multiple solutions for both the lobby and breakroom.
  • Samples were analyzed to help decide which patterns would best fit each space.
  • In collaboration with the client, we chose a minimal look with a custom metal logo for the lobby, and an organic pattern for the breakroom.
  • Both pieces were designed and fabricated in our own production shop.
  • In order to hold up next to an enormous 16’ x 12’ moss panel, we sized the logo to be quite large and used 1/25” industrial metal to create the frame.
  • We transported the moss panel in pieces without issue and assembled all the parts on-site with minimal noise and distractions.


After installation, the final moss walls were a success. We achieved a modern, and impactful design for the lobby that employees and visitors view immediately upon entrance.

  • With dramatic lighting in place, we were able to create a unique shadow from the metal logo that was offset from the wall. It made for a very modern experience which was cohesive to the brand.
  • In addition, the employee breakroom moss wall softened the office noise and created an attractive contrast of organic and industrial elements

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