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  JLL Romeo Power

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As an energy leader in vehicle applications, Romeo Power, assigned us with the task of creating a moss wall that symbolized the modern technology that they produce. With this goal in mind, Greenleaf IPS worked to design a moss art piece that both complemented their brand and their transformed their office entrance.


  • Client wanted a dramatic, yet modern design for lobby entrance.
  • Design should give the feel of technology and movement combined.
  • Unique wall shape would require a custom installation strategy to ensure a unified look.


  • On-site consultation was necessary to measure exact specifications for unique wall shape.
  • With digital imaging, we proposed several original concepts utilizing assorted preserved moss.
  • Client selected an abstract design inspired by the company’s own logo.
  • Entire design was split into pieces and then crafted in separate sections in our own shop. Individual panels would then be assembled on-site.
  • Engineered a black aluminum frame so moss panel was structurally sound. Frame fabrication process was complex and delicate due to unusual shape of wall.


Our installation team paid special attention piecing this design together, so the overall appearance was a uniform design. The result was minimalistic and cleverly utilized the Romeo Power logo in an abstract way.

  • Client was very pleased that we fulfilled the brief and budget with ease.
  • Design successfully gave the appearance of movement with the use of color and moss placement.

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JLL Romeo Power






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