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  Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of the leading health care providers in San Diego. Their plant program was deteriorating and needed a plan that reflected their “thriving” health philosophy. Greenleaf IPS partnered with Kaiser to restore all 15 of their San Diego facilities with healthy, flourishing interior plants.


  • Maximize an almost nonexistent budget for a new interior plant program.
  • Create a design that epitomized the words “thrive” and “health” for their staff and patients to enjoy.
  • Multiple locations would take much time to address and needed a complex maintenance program.
  • Heavy pedestrian traffic required a hardy plant selection.
  • Security policies for hospitals would be of the utmost importance.


  • We began with an initial tour of all the facilities and documented the existing plant inventory.
  • Once analyzed, we developed a strategic plan to purchase new plants when budget allowed and utilized used plants to make the most economic impact.
  • Plant selection was based on traffic and light tolerance. Each location was unique and needed to be evaluated individually.
  • One by one, each facility was cleaned, staged and new plants installed by our Greenleaf IPS crew.
  • Each of our staff was trained and experienced with the strict security procedures.
  • For every installation, we made sure to not to disturb any patients, doctors, or staff members.
  • A carefully planned, maintenance program was implemented post-installation to ensure the longevity of the plant’s health.


It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly and surely, we improved the interior plants in all 15 of the Kaiser Permanente facilities in the San Diego area.

  • Staff and patients alike were in shock when we arrived at their facility with fresh plants and a crew to execute a new plant program.
  • The new plants brought smiles, positive energy, and a sense of caring to everyone at Kaiser.

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Kaiser Permanente




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