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A clinical-stage oncology company, Mirati Therapeutics is focused on developing cancer therapies to help the lives of patients and their families. In partnership with Tecture Design and Fabrication, Greenleaf IPS transformed the Mirati corporate lobby into an eye-catching, modern piece of art.


  • Location required high security and sanitation, due to the pandemic and the nature of the company’s business.
  • Needed to be flexible with project timeline, as building requirements would extend the date of completion and create unusual working circumstances.
  • Would need coordination with partner Tecture, who would ultimately produce the structure and complete the final moss installation.
  • Careful consideration of the doorway gaps & moss transition from board to board would be needed.


  • Submitted moss pattern samples for client approval.
  • Paid special attention to creating a pattern that would give the illusion of movement.
  • Working hand in hand with Tecture, we were provided blueprints of the structure so we could craft our moss art designs to their exact measurements.
  • While Tecture fabricated the structure, Greenleaf IPS created the moss panels, then delivered them to the jobsite for Tecture to install.
  • Greenleaf IPS team would complete the finishing touches months later.


The final installation was a contemporary moss art piece, complete with abstract flowing cells and molecules. Moss pattern successfully gave the illusion
of movement by careful placement of bright green moss, as it wrapped from panel to panel.

  • The completed design showcased our moss in recessed compartments, highlighted with blue lighting to enhance the scientific theme.
  • Greenleaf IPS team was able to work closely with designer and follow building’s security and sanitation requirements.
  • Completed extensive finishing touches onsite by hand, to cover the structure’s substrates

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