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“Alexa, turn on the sign!” NextGen Leads is a millennial office space that features clean, modern, and functional design. Greenleaf IPS was tasked with creating a moss panel that could match the contemporary environment. With the use of modern technology, we were able to create a 3D LED moss wall that could be controlled from a smartphone.


  • Moss artwork should match the existing interior décor, which included an architectural wood slat wall.
  • Would need to fill a large wall, be proportional to surrounding furniture, and compliment office sight lines.
  • Accessibility to office would need to be considered. Moss panel would have to fit into elevator.


  • Client decided to go with a monochromatic reindeer moss panel that would nicely complement the current modern décor.
  • Fabricated a custom metal logo that matched the pantone colors of company’s branding.
  • Sign specialist created custom LED-backlighting that could be controlled with the use of a smart phone application.
  • Sampled the wood used in the lobby slat wall to match the moss wall frame.
  • Took special care to take measurements of space and entry points. Elevator access would force us to reconsider the construction of the panel.


Final moss wall was made into two parts for a total dimension of 14 feet by 5 feet. Installation was quick and the two moss panels looked seamless together.

  • Minimalist design added a contemporary element and added the pop of green that the corporate office needed.
  • Client was very happy with the ease of use the smart phone LED lights provided.

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