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  SDSU – Succulent Plant Wall

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Greenleaf IPS was called upon to create a plant wall for a popular walkway in the new SDSU Associated Student building. Our focus was to makeover an outdated section of the wall to gain the attention of passerby’s.


  • Transform a concrete wall with a solution that was durable enough to tolerate high traffic.
  • Design should incorporate a similar color of wood that was used in existing accents throughout the building.
  • Client voiced a desire for color and texture in the plant selection.
  • Must meet ADA requirements.


  • Proposed a wood-like substitute called Trex, for the frame that matched the existing wood accents in the building. Trex is maintenance free and has a long lifespan.
  • Client elected to go with a random arrangement of assorted multi-colored succulents.
  • Worked with facility’s plumbing team to tie in water source from drinking fountain.
  • Installation of framework was very technical and required an experienced crew to properly anchor it to the wall.
  • Started with a waterproof PVC backing, which was then covered with Trex.
  • Designed frame to open on the right side to give access to irrigation control.


Upon completion, the living wall totally renewed the area with a vibrant atmosphere. The finished installment is enjoyed by students and all those who pass by it.

  • Promotes pollination and is frequented by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.
  • Plant wall was a huge success and became a big “selfie” location.

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SDSU – Succulent Plant Wall






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