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  Serra Sol Memory Care Center

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Serra Sol is an assisted living facility for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Serra Sol is dedicated to the little things, that can make their residents feel at home. With this philosophy, we were assigned with giving their courtyard a much needed a makeover for all their patients, visitors, and employees to enjoy.


  • The courtyard required a large plant wall that could give a dramatic transformation to an empty concrete enclosure.
  • Client requested a unique succulent design that would give added appeal to those observing for long periods of time.
  • An additional preserved moss wall would be needed for indoor reception desk area.


  • Multiple abstract succulent layouts proposed for outdoor plant wall.
  • Client selected swirling succulent design in assorted colors.
  • Fabricated 12’ x 9’ metal frame to house irrigation and drainage.
  • Worked with contractor to install water and spotlights.
  • Lighting and metal frame were installed first, then irrigation and mounting rails, followed by pots and plants.


It is considered a successful project when our designs bring smiles to all those who look upon it. We’re happy to report that this live succulent wall brought nothing but positivity to the patients and staff at this facility. Positive benefits include increased air quality, reduced stress, and improved mood to name a few.

  • The living wall was the perfect addition for this healing facility as patients can gain positive health benefits from daily exposure to the live plants.
  • Interior moss wall was finished in a calming, organic pattern and balanced the neutral earth tones in the reception area.

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Serra Sol Memory Care Center






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