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Maintaining a large-scale plant program requires an experienced team with a quick response time, thorough quality control and creative budgeting skills. That’s where Greenleaf IPS comes in. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with the University of California San Diego for many years and are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining a plant program for all the dining facilities on the UCSD campus.


  • Roughly 18 facilities on the UCSD campus are under our charge for plant design and maintenance.
  • Each dining commons has its own unique set of challenges as they all have different architectural design, environmental settings, and student movement.
  • Each plant program needs to ensure that it can withstand high traffic, fit within budget, satisfy safety standards, and easily be maintained by our plant technicians.


  • As each facility comes up for a design review, we are contacted to collaborate with the project architect and discuss a plant solution that will satisfy the budget, and surrounding conditions, such as lighting.
  • Once we receive blueprints and a design style guide, we then take that information to strategize a plant and pot design that compliments the overall design of the space.
  • We’ve implemented countless custom designs that have included, but is not limited to tropical live walls, edible herb walls, preserved moss walls, various potted plants and trees, plant dividers, and even flower bowls.
  • Our installation team takes care to not disturb the comings and goings of the students and staff. This calls for late-night weekend installations to ensure minimal disturbance.
  • The maintenance program is constantly reviewed for quality control and our plant technicians sustain a 48-hour response time.


The social aspect of dining on campus is a big part of college and we take much pride in enhancing the eating experience for the young UCSD student. We’ve helped design and maintain the interior plant solutions at UCSD for the past 15 years. Here are just a few examples of dining facilities that we have worked on:

  • The Bistro
  • Sixty-Four North
  • The Herb Wall
  • Rita Akinson
  • Rodgers Market
  • Crave
  • Mesa Nueva
  • Ocean Terrace

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The Bistro

64 North


UCSD Dining Halls

Mesa Nueva

Herb Wall

Rogers Market

Ocean Terrace

Rita Atkinson

UCSD Concierge

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