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  Cormorant Boutique Hotel

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Steps away from La Jolla cove, the brand-new Cormorant Boutique Hotel was in the middle of renovating their rooftop bar and restaurant, the Birdseye. With their debut on the horizon, they desired a green plant solution that could take their ambiance to the next level.


  • A total of 4 plant walls were needed throughout restaurant including: stairwell entrance, dining area and bar area.
  • Designated locations were exposed to outdoor elements and would require the proper framework, irrigation system and plant selection for long-term success.
  • Due to current renovations, our team would need to work around the building schedule.
  • Tight entrance area would create a challenging space to work in.


  • Completed multiple rounds of proposal’s which included: faux plants, preserved moss, assorted succulents, neon signs and “cormorant” bird decoration.
  • Client settled on colorful succulent live plant walls for all locations, additional “cormorant” bird accents and a white acrylic sign in various locations.
  • With the hotel and rooftop under construction, all plant walls were completed in different stages over the course of several months.
  • Collaborated with contractor to install correct water, drainage, and lighting.
  • Large entrance succulent wall required custom framework to cover unique shape of the wall.


Upon entering, guests are greeted by a visually stunning stairwell entrance that sets the tone for the entire restaurant and bar. The completed succulent walls pair perfectly with the beautiful backdrop of the ocean at this unique venue.

  • Living walls double as artwork and plants to elevate the customer’s experience.
  • The multiple plant walls create a photo op around every corner.
  • Final design is loved by client and all patrons of the restaurant and bar.

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Cormorant Boutique Hotel






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