Benefits of indoor plants for your office

Working indoors is the norm for modern western society. We have little time to spend outdoors and enjoy nature. More people are getting so tied up staying indoors and not getting the chance to recharge their batteries in Mother Nature. Here are some reason why having indoor plants is good for the soul.

Stress reducing

According to studies, it is known that indoor plants reduce stress by 15%. A lot of people suffer from anxiety and bring their problems from their personal lives to work. Most people don’t know that some anxiety and stress comes from air born toxins in our house households.

Plants improve air quality

It’s no secret that trees and plants reduce pollution. They increase oxygen, reduce amounts of carbon dioxide and assist in eliminating toxins by absorbing toxic gases through leaves and roots. Bushes, trees, and other greenery that’s is planted in glass canyons and concrete reduce pollutant levels by eight times. So it’s no surprise that placing plants into an indoor environment will do the same. Photosynthesis will still take place when plants are inside absorbing carbons and releasing oxygen, so when you breathe, your body will take in the oxygen and release the carbon dioxide.

Healing powers

Plants are not only superheroes when it comes to defending us from toxins in our air, but they also healers. Think of them as your onsite doctor. There is evidence that shows the site of plants improves our minds physiologically by lowering blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. Most plants improve your mood by generating the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, making you feel at ease, happy, and secure.

Plants make you happy!

If you work in an indoor environment that is decorated in muted colors with nothing to distract you like art or pictures on the walls, it can make the thought of going into the office less enjoyable. Adding a pop of color will always lighten your mood. A touch of greenery will be very beneficial in lifting your spirits. Who doesn’t want to come into work being surrounded by the outside earth? It is no wonder that indoor plant installation is becoming more popular by business, hotels, corporate offices, and restaurants.

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Written by Sandra Ramirez