Biophilic office design trends continue to gain more attraction from professionals and homeowners outside of architecture and design communities. More and more companies are adding organic patterns, greenery, and plants to help their employees work more at ease and be in touch with nature at the same time.

You might be wondering… What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design is a design that combines nature and natural patterns into building architecture and commercial office design. It’s becoming very successful because of its effectiveness, making biophilic design a necessity for all companies whose employees and customers value wellness and well-being.

Here are some popular biophilic design trends that are changing the way people work and live within their environment.

Sustainable Wood 

Wood is an essential part of the biophilic design revolution. Some key features of this biophilic trend are:

  • Reclaimed light woods such as Maple, Pine, and Ash
  • Sustainably sourced woods such as Bamboo, Teak and Oak
  • Wood furniture

Biophilic Office Design Trends 

Natural Light from the Sky

Having ceilings that bring in natural light from the sky is also an essential part of the biophilic trend. Open ceilings are usually accompanied by hanging plants, which gives the office or home’s interior design a touch of nature. Some key features of this biophilic trend are:

  • Bright aesthetic colors
  • Views of nature

Green, Green and More Green

Biophilic trend data shows that more and more architects and designers are using plants, green walls, moss walls, and other large green installations during the pre-construction process rather than adding them post-completion as an aesthetic choice. Some key features of this biophilic trend are:

  • Plants, shrubs, and trees
  • Living walls
  • Moss Walls
  • Green Dividers

Biophilic Office Design Trends 

Divide and Conquer 

A new and popular biophilic trend architects are using in open office spaces are green wall dividers. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also lively and adaptable to all types of workspaces. Green wall dividers incorporate the natural biophilic trend at minimal cost and invasiveness. Some key features of this biophilic trend are:

  • Lively features
  • Noise reduction benefits
  • Helps create more privacy in an open workspace

Many companies that have incorporated biophilic trends in their offices are seeing a difference in their employees, clients, and customers. Greenery and plants not only improve your well-being but help inspire creative spaces. These trends are proof that biophilic design isn’t going anywhere; in fact, it’s just beginning.

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