Custom Moss Lettering

Writing messages in moss is a great way to connect your own thoughts and inspirations to the energy and emotional positivity that greenery gives off. Hotels and upscale resorts, as well as restaurants and office buildings, can use preserved moss lettering to create a fresh feeling with a medium that needs no maintenance.

These custom moss letters work well against a wide variety of walls. They pop out against white walls and fit right into the atmosphere created by wood paneling or exposed brick. Refresh your environment, infuse your words with the positivity of plants, and discover a way to add a lively and natural appearance to your space with custom moss lettering.

The Positivity of Greenery through Custom Moss Lettering

The biggest blank canvas you have an opportunity to fill is the wall of your office. What do you want to say to people as soon as they walk in? What first impression do you want to plant in their minds immediately? Whatever that message is, you can say it with the beauty of nature using our moss lettering. This lettering has the richness, texture, and color of real living moss because that’s exactly what it was prior to its preservation. Greenleaf IPS designs, fabricates and installs the lettering to fit your style and we make sure the installation is seamless, secure and your moss letters are ready for visitors to enjoy.

Natural Messaging Through Natural Materials

It’s important to have options because every brand, business and person is unique. For some, flowing cursive moss letters will convey the exact right mood. For others, moss block letters will be more appropriate. Our moss letters fully customizable and can be used to spell out any name, word or message you desire.

Peace and Positivity Though Words and Medium

Your favorite quote rendered in moss will cheer anyone up, sending a beautiful message of positivity and growth. Your idea can be implemented with custom moss letters, whole moss walls or with an acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel or wood sign. When logos or letters are installed in front of the moss wall, it makes a great impression to precisely implement your corporate design requirements. In addition, we mix different moss types and moss colors to create whole letterings, logo elements, symbols or motives with our moss. Further details such as lighting or frames may be added based on your project needs.

Learn More about Custom Moss Lettering from Greenleaf IPS

No matter what you want to say, it will look lively, inviting and fresh when written in moss. Here at Greenleaf IPS, we have had the privilege of seeing how moss letters, can enhance a space time and time again. We would be happy to learn more about your environment, and how we can bring your message to life with custom moss wall lettering. Contact Greenleaf IPS. Give us a call at 858.488.0611 or send an email at