Decorating Your Office Space with Holiday Plants

Decorating your work space with holiday plants can increase sales, improve productivity and is likely to enhance the overall atmosphere of your business.

Green is for the Holidays

Decorate your office space, lobby, bar, brewery, or any workspace with greenery for the holidays. Green is a festive color, and what better way to express the holiday spirit than with live plants. Greenleaf IPS invites you to spark some joy with the all-time classic poinsettias and Christmas trees. At Greenleaf IPS, we specialize in indoor live plants and moss decor, and we can help you add a special warmth for the holidays.

Holiday Plants Positively Affect Workspace Environment

You do not want to be amongst the offices that do not feature festive holiday decor. This might bring your company the bad reputation of being the “Scrooge-like workplace”. Especially if other businesses around you have decorated, this will make your employees feel ignored and unappreciated. When you include holiday decor in the workspace, you are investing in the sense of community and cheer, boosting workplace morale, sense of unity, and teamwork. It is a minimal investment that really can pay off.

Make Your Employees Feel At Home

Nobody wants to walk out of their warm festive home, into a cold, uninviting office with zero holiday cheer. A few green plants and poinsettias will sure brighten up any employee’s day.

You do not have to worry about picking the right decorations and deciding what plants would look good in your office, Greenleaf IPS will take care of it. We’ll match your company style and the space design creating a warm, inviting workspace for employees and clients alike.

Poinsettias for the Holiday Displays

Greenleaf IPS design experts often use poinsettias for the holiday displays we create for businesses. Their bright colors not only add variation to an otherwise dull workspace but enlivens the space with holiday spirit. We can provide poinsettias for your lobby, receptionist desk, window sills and any other locations you wish to brighten up.

We can also create poinsettia Christmas trees constructed of dozens of potted poinsettias that make a memorable impression on customers and clients. The poinsettia Christmas tree is a innovative take on the traditional Christmas tree. Constructed from the classic holiday plant, the poinsettia Christmas tree adds color and spirit to its environment. These trees are the perfect addition to office lobbies, hospitals, and hotels alike, drawing the eyes of all passersby.

Contact Greenleaf IPS to arrange a poinsettia Christmas tree to be installed in your space this holiday season. Give us a call at 858.488.0611 or send an email at