Did you know that San Diego and specifically North county is the epicenter of Succulent creation and popularity?

As water becomes more of a scare commodity and the need to plant with drought tolerant species increases in popularity, the sales of succulents continues to rise.  In the book “Designing with Succulents” by North County’s own Debbie Lee Baldwin, she demonstrates how sophisticated and beautiful the diversity of succulents can be and their varied uses.  Succulents have become much more than just a drought tolerant plant choice. Their varied sizes, colors and textures make them a perfect medium for creating sophisticated and stunning artwork both inside and out.


Why do succulents thrive there?

Succulents are part of a huge diversity of native plants that thrive in the lower part of California and extend all the way into Mexico. These plants thrive in semi-arid climates.  Because San Diego County specifically has such wide-ranging microclimates (Ocean to inland) the diversification of succulents continues.


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