Feel like you suffer from cabin fever during long days at work? As surprising as it may sound, cabin fever is a real thing. Here in San Diego since we don’t have long winters that keep us inside, it may be better referred to as “office fever”.

You know what we are talking about. The loss of productivity, fatigue and mild headaches you sometimes get after a long haul on an office project that has kept you inside for hours on end.

These symptoms are not just because of the cheap office coffee or annoying co-workers. It is a real issue in the work place called “nature-deficit disorder”. This disorder comes from spending long periods of time with out contact with nature. The effects can range from fatigue and depression to long-term health issues like anxiety, weight gain and even cancer.

Bringing nature into an office space is a great way to offset some of these workspace woes. Studies examining the difference in workspace productivity of offices with plants and other natural influences and those with out them have shown an increase of productivity to more than fifteen percent. This is an incredible statistic and could help shape the way we build and decorate office and corporate spaces.

So next time you are feeling blue at work, think about bringing in house plants to clean the air and bring nature closer to you and your co-workers. Got a brown thumb? Contact Greenleaf IPS for interior plant services.

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