As restaurants and businesses start opening back up in San Diego, one thing is on everyone’s mind: social distancing. Businesses are getting creative and making cubicle style areas, taping off areas, and even using chairs to create rows to implement social distance. But why not create social distancing areas that are prettier and greener? That’s why we’re encouraging businesses to go green with social distancing!

How Do I Go Green?

Installing live walls or adding rows of tall decorative planters bursting with tons of greenery can be used to create space between your customers. Plus, it looks way better than the other alternatives, like tape and chairs.

What Plants To Use

Don’t know what kind of plants you should use? Tropical palms, sansevieria, English ivy, and peace lilies are just a few plants you can use. Living walls are also great for social distancing barriers! You can custom design them yourself, or we can bring your ideas to life if you’re not exactly sure what you want!

Create Beautiful and Vibrant Green Barriers

Many businesses across the country have already started using greenery and plants as barriers. They help give your employees privacy and also ensure social distancing measures between your customers. Not to mention, you’re guaranteed to receive endless compliments!

Plant Care

Don’t have time to be taking care of plants? Don’t worry! At Greenleaf IPS, we provide interior plant maintenance services. Our plant technicians will provide the care your plants need and keep them looking beautiful and vibrant!

Go Green with Social Distancing!

Start planning today, and go green with social distancing! If you are interested in adding greenery and plants to your business to create social distance barriers, contact us for a free quote!