Holiday Plant Décor for your Business

It’s the end of the year and it’s also time to celebrate the Holidays! Nothing sets the tone for Christmas and New Year’s like decorations. It’s the time when people look forward to going into commercial spaces just to admire the lively and festive adornment designs that create that Holiday ambiance.
Although the material props are just as wonderful to look at inside an office space, Holiday plants conceive a more majestic feel. And not only will your clients and customers enjoy these plants, but your team members will also feel that level of cheer when they go into work.

Remember, these extravagant Holidays only come once a year! With professional plant technicians like Greenleaf IPS, they will bring in that magical forest to your commercial building or office.

Here are some locations that benefit from Holiday plants arrangements:

• Business Offices: It’s proven that indoor plants have an impact on the work performance of employees. Since this is a fairly busy work space, sometimes it’s hard to go outdoors and enjoy nature. So why not bring nature inside? Having plants inside and office enhances work performance and seeing bright colorful plants like poinsettias will surely make it a much cozier place to work.

• Restaurants: Appealing to your dinner guest with excellent service is top priority, but also having your guest feel like they can relax in a beautiful environment during their meal will have them coming back for more.

• Medical Facilities: Patients shouldn’t have to feel like they are home away from home. Make them feel welcomed by adding some cheerful plant decorations like fresh garland, bright trees, Christmas wreaths, and other live plants. This will surely make them feel more relaxed and happy.

• Airports: With people scurrying to get from one terminal to another, running up and down stairs and escalators and the possibility of missed or delayed flights, airports can seem like a stressful place to be in during the Holidays. Walking into an airport and seeing a live tree decorated with lights and other plants installations can make the atmosphere feel more calm and collected.

• Hotels and Resorts: The lobby of a hotel or resort is usually the first view those guests get to see as they walk in. Decorating your lobby and surrounding areas with live plants and Holiday decorations will instantly make guest feel like their vacation started as soon as they entered the building.

Host a variety of Holiday gatherings in your business and commercial space with live plants. Our designers at Greenleaf IPS will collaborate with you and your business on the choice of your Holiday décor.

We’d like to wish you a happy Holiday and amazing New Year!

Call us today to see how we can bring live art and interior plants to you.

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Call us today to see how we can bring live art and interior plants to you.

Greenleaf IPS 858-488-0611 

Written by Sandra Ramirez