During the past year, we’ve experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide quarantine, employment uncertainty, and economic instability. Unsurprisingly, many people are left feeling overwhelmed and stressed. As countless studies have found, plants can help improve mental health and reduce the adverse effects of stress! Being around greenery can positively impact our psychological, physical, social, spiritual, cognitive, and environmental well-being. We believe that incorporating indoor plants can work wonderfully in conjunction with traditional therapy! Adding a little dose of nature to our daily lives can positively impact our health, bodies, and souls.

Extensive scientific literature supports the findings that being exposed to natural settings benefits human beings. For example, a study conducted by Melinda Knuth and Charles Hall at Texas A&M University supports this idea. Their research found many positive effects of living near green spaces and spending as much time in a natural setting as possible. It helped reduce stress, improve mood, encourage physical activity, improve cognition, reduce aggression, and enhance overall well-being in people of all ages.

Indoor Plants in Residential Home

Plants Are a Mood Booster

It’s proven that connecting with nature can help increase people’s mood and help them feel less stressed. In fact, doctors have prescribed houseplants as a great starting point for those who suffer from depression and anxiety to help lessen their symptoms. Patients that spend time outside of hospitals recover faster, boost their immune systems, ease anxiety and depression, reduce blood pressure, and increase happiness. While it’s not always possible for us to get out in nature every day, we can bring the greenery to us! 

Furthermore, research shows that employees are more attentive and productive when indoor plants are added to the workspace. These benefits don’t only apply to office settings! Plant’s bright colors and textures will help beautify your space, making you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your home. Additionally, when growing plants in your home, they must be exposed to sunlight every day. By increasing the sunlight for your plants, your vitamin D intake will increase, which improves your immune system function and releases serotonin in your brain.

Set Up a Calming Routine

Having a routine helps restore our sense of control over our lives which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Caring for your indoor plants will create a calming ritual. Having a schedule of watering or checking on your plants will allow you to enjoy a quiet hobby. When focusing and reflecting on the task at hand, you can be present in the moment and switch off feelings of fear and anxiety. Additionally, taking care of a living thing increases our sense of satisfaction and self-worth. Caring for plants creates a unique challenge that stimulates your mind and gets you familiar with taking on and meeting responsibilities. You’ll see the fruits of your labor as your plants thrive and grow, thanks to your care! It’s incredibly gratifying and will give you the satisfaction of a job well done.

Greenleaf IPS Installing Indoor Plant

Greenleaf IPS

It’s easy to see that getting out in nature makes the human body work a little bit better. Adding some greenery to your space and caring for plants can help improve mental health in a variety of ways. Many people struggle with selecting the right plants for their environment or keeping up with the never-ending maintenance. Whether you want to brighten up your space, reconnect with nature, or care for a living thing, Greenleaf IPS is here to help! From single pots to elaborate plant walls, we can design a custom program that fits your unique aesthetic. You can reach us by phone at (858) 488-0611 or click here to contact us on our website.

* This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider.