With businesses beginning to open up once again in San Diego, owners are looking for ways to promote social distancing to provide customers with a safe environment. A smart way of doing so is with the use of plantscaping. With the help of plants, restaurant owners are creating a safe indoor environment with plant barriers. Social distancing doesn’t have to be unappealing and depressing. Brightening up the place with plants is a great strategy! This blog will go over how plantscaping can help promote social distancing for businesses and help bring back a cheerful environment.

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Benefits that Plants Provide in Indoor Spaces

Businesses are opening up; however, not everyone feels 100% confident about going back to their favorite establishments. That’s why business owners need to give patrons the assurance they need to return. Plants can provide people with confidence and peace of mind that indoor areas are safe with their air-cleaning properties. Through photosynthesis, plants convert the carbon dioxide that we exhale (which is toxic) into fresh oxygen. They also have the ability to remove other toxins from the air that we are consistently breathing in. Detoxifying the air is essential for customers to feel safe. With viruses and bacteria being transmitted in the air, live plants can help prevent indoor spaces from becoming a breeding ground for airborne diseases. That is why plantscaping for commercial spaces is the perfect solution to this problem.

Other benefits that plants provide for interior spaces include:

  • Reducing stress levels
  • Boost your mood and productivity
  • Reducing carbon dioxide levels
  • Increase the aesthetic appeal of the place


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Plant Barriers

When it comes to creating barriers for social distancing, plant barriers are the optimal method! Plant barriers offer a beautiful and vibrant solution to social distancing that can brighten up the atmosphere of any business! The use of curtains, plastic, and glass separators can create a cramped and gloomy environment, which is not attractive to customers. Aside from their aesthetic value, plants provide a safer environment with their air-cleaning properties. You can also strategically place plants to encourage patrons to keep their distance from each other and direct traffic. Plantscaping strategies that you can implement at your business include:

  • Grouping of floor standing displays
  • Cabinet planters
  • Freestanding dividers and living walls
  • Mobile green walls
  • Hanging plants
  • Plant shelving displays
  • Signposting with plants
  • Plant hand sanitizer stations

Cabinet planters, freestanding dividers, and shelving displays are great examples of stationery barriers. However, if you’re looking for something more flexible, you can go with mobile green walls or portable planters. These green barriers can be moved around with the wheels at the bottom, making it easy to accommodate your frequently changing needs. Whatever your needs are for social distancing, you can do it with the use of plants!

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Which Plants Should I Use?

Almost any plant can be used for this purpose; however, plants that are great at purifying the air would be the optimal choice. Plants that are great air purifiers include:

  • English Ivy
  • Snake plants
  • Spider plants
  • Broadleaf lady palm
  • Red-edged dracaena
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Tropical palms
  • Sansevieria
  • Peace lilies

Living or Preserved Moss walls also work really well for social distancing barriers. Large rooms can be divided into smaller private rooms with multiple plant walls. With Greenleaf IPS, you can customize your plant walls with our wide range of plant choices! Not sure what you’re looking for? We can also develop the perfect plantscaping solution for your business if you don’t know how you want it to be. Take a look at our recent clients to inspire your next project here.

How Plantscaping Can Help Promote Social Distancing

Physical health is a great byproduct of plants; however, people should not overlook the importance of mental health as well. Studies show that plants help reduce stress and make people happy. During these times of uncertainty, plants can help people regain their confidence in going outside more and dining in restaurants. We hope this blog helped you see how plantscaping can help promote social distancing in your commercial space in a positive and optimistic way! If you’re thinking about using plantscaping to promote social distancing in your business or indoor space, give Greenleaf IPS a call at (858)-488-0611 or click here for a free quote.