Interior Plant Services in San Diego

Interior Plant Services in San Diego.

San Diego is an epicenter of floriculture and horticulture in the United States. San Diego County produces more than 75% of the some of the world’s most beautiful ornamental plants. That includes succulents, proteaceae, poinsettias and more. Right in north county of San Diego you can find specialty orchid and ornamental plant nurseries that cater to plant lovers all over the world. In fact, San Diego’s specialty ornamental plants produced here in the county are shipped to as far away places as South African during the months that they are not in production. Incredible!

With such bounty right in our back yard, it no wonder that San Diego’s offices, hotels and hospitals sport beautiful interior foliage. In fact, beautiful interior plants are typically the first thing visitors see when they arrive in San Diego. The moment they step off the airplane they are met with beautiful interior plants maintained by yours truly. These indoor plants purify air, create indoor greenery and really can improve an interior space. Ever stop and think how those plants get there? How do they always look so good?

Interior plant services like ours, Greenleaf IPS, provide maintenance services to keep these plants looking great. We have it down to a science and for that reason companies that contract us to maintain their plants can be confident they will have green, healthy vibrant plants. Our specialized cleaning solutions and fertilizers allow us to get the most out of interior plants regardless of natural light available. Well trained and experienced staff are experts in interior plants and their maintenance needs. Connections with commercial plant nurseries allow us to purchase the best specimens for interior spaces. Because of these reasons we have been San Diego’s number one interior plant maintenance company since 2008.

So next time you are thinking about getting interior plants, just remember the experts.

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