Kumiko is a woodworking technique that dates back several centuries in Japan. Historians believe it began around the 7th century. It is a fundamental part of Japanese architecture and interior design. The art of Kumiko involves intricate, symmetrical, and simplistic designs. They can be seen as part of shoji screens and other classic Japanese architectural features. In our latest article, we share a little bit about Kumiko designs. Read it to learn about Kumiko designs and moss art today.

The Process of Creating Kumiko Designs

Kumiko is a highly regarded and revered form of Japanese craftsmanship. It comprises thinly slit wooden pieces that are delicately carved and put together without glue or nails. The wood pieces are typically of Japanese cedar and Cyprus trees. Each design is carefully crafted by hand with precision. The slits are held together through precise measurements and pressure alone.

Popular Kumiko Patterns

There are hundreds of Kumiko design patterns available. Generally, the patterns draw inspiration from nature and Japanese cultural references. Some patterns are more abstract than others. Common patterns include Shokko, Sakura, and Seikaiha. A Shokko uses squares and octagonal shapes that represent the ancient river of Shokko. Sakura, as you can guess, represents the beloved cherry blossoms of Japan. Seikaiha is a popular design that is reminiscent of an old Japanese tale, The Tale of Genji. The pattern represents the lapping waves of the sea told in the tale. Overall, the designs are beautiful and admirable. Each design is said to not only look beautiful but also serve as a good omen.

The Latest Design Trend: Kumiko and Moss

Kumiko is an exceptional art form. It is simple yet visually complex in its own way. Kumiko designs bring a sense of calm, stillness, and elegance, in the same way that moss walls do. Moss walls are an easy way to elevate any space, whether in your home or business. With so many different mosses of varying shapes and sizes, you can customize your very own piece of artwork that brings a bit of nature inside. Nowadays, there has been a growing trend of combining Kumiko designs and moss walls. The combination of natural materials creates an exceptional and unique work of art.

Kumiko and Moss Creations

Looking to incorporate a Kumiko and moss work of art in your space? Let our team help create one especially made for you. At Greenleaf IPS, we have years of experience creating one-of-a- kind moss walls and designs. In keeping up with the latest design trends, we now offer Kumiko creations. We have established an amazing relationship with Kumiko artisans, combining the traditional artform with our preserved moss for a modern-day application. Designs can vary from stand-alone framed pieces to large, preserved moss walls with integrated woodwork. If you’re interested in incorporating a combination of Kumiko and moss artwork into your space, give Greenleaf IPS a call at (858) 488-0611, or click here for a free quote!