Living Walls vs. Preserved Moss Walls

What are the benefits you can experience with preserved moss? 

More access to nature will have a positive effect on most of us. Unfortunately, in our modern and urbanized world, whether we are working, living, or playing, it is very hard to find time to experience nature. Most of us live in very urbanized areas and do not notice when we haven’t seen the nature in days, weeks or sometimes months. It is quite unfortunate that this is what is happening in our modern world. We all could benefit from our planet’s number one mood booster, not to mention it helps us concentrate and increases our productivity. Living and Preserved Moss Walls both have great and positive effect on our wellbeing.

Moss walls are a state-of-the-art way to bring nature into your working or living spaces. Its versatility and elegance can make its home just on nearly any wall. Moss walls are best displayed in your workspace, adding a lively, delicate, elegant, and energetic touch to your office, lobby, restaurant, hotel, or bar.

Some may have a few reasons to oppose to an investment in a moss wall. But, the lack of exposure to nature in our lives has turned most of us into the green art enthusiasts, those who believe in the benefits of living moss and preserved moss.

Let’s explore the Living and Preserved Moss Walls, and even … artificial moss art?

Living Walls

Why don’t we get started by dissecting the difference between living moss walls and living walls? Moss is significantly acclimatized and can survive in environments where living walls would not. It provides the flexibility to take the shape of a wide range of items, and it can transform into many sizes. On top of everything, all living plants have the ability to breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, making the air around them healthier.

On the other hand, although there are many benefits, it goes without saying that living moss walls require a high level of maintenance. Even more so if the moss art includes other plants that may not be as climatized in an indoor setting as moss is.

Although, in theory, a moss can live for around 25 years, the maintenance level had to be top-notch to keep it alive for that long. These moss art walls require watering regularly as well as access to natural light or at least artificial grow lights.

Having to pay that much attention to your wall art can be an expensive investment in both time and money. This is the reason many small businesses and homeowners avoid living walls in their premises.

Artificial moss

People who do not wish to spend the time and the money on a live moss wall tend to purchase artificial moss. But be aware this is the very definition of the false economy. Although at first glance you may think you are saving money and the time in maintenance, artificial moss walls do not offer the same benefits. Not to mention that fake moss looks and feels, well inevitably artificial! What would you think about synthetic turf in your yard instead of fresh lawn? Would you choose a plastic house plant to give as a housewarming gift? When you obtain an artificial plant, the experience falls way short of the real deal. While you may enjoy the immediate benefits of lower cost and no maintenance at all, you are genuinely depriving yourself of the deep-rooted benefits. Not to mention, the dust collection overtime.

Preserved Moss 

In contract to artificial moss, preserved moss looks and feels just like living moss since in all aspects that matter it is! But unlike a living moss wall, preserved moss walls can last a lifetime without barely any maintenance.

Although preserved moss does not breathe like living moss, it does have all the benefits of a living moss wall. The fact that it looks and feels like a living moss wall still has the calming, energy-boosting, and productivity enhancing effect that a living wall has. There is also the fact that preserved moss will remain green and beautiful for many years! Unlike living walls that require a lot of attention and professional level of care in order to stay in good shape.

Between living and preserved moss Walls, Moss Walls are also less expensive to maintain.
Preserved moss does not require any water-base care, the installation is less complex, and you can enjoy the benefits immediately after.

Go head and make a unique statement with moss wall art, and your whole office will enjoy the benefits of a moss wall. In comparison, living walls are more expensive, and harder to maintain, and artificial moss is a bit pointless.

Preserved moss offers the best compromise between both worlds, offering almost all the great benefits of a living wall with a big chunk of responsibilities off your back.

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