Moss Walls in San Diego.

Moss Walls in San Diego

What is a plant that has no flowers, is generally composted of one cell and does not gather on rolling rocks? It’s moss! That’s right, the newest plant material to enter the market for interior plant arts. It’s an amazing matter to work with and create art pieces because of its multidimensional shape and range in color and texture. Here are Greenleaf we use moss to create promotional art work, moss walls and more. Take a look at this incredible moss wall we created for the graduate housing of UCSD.

Another suburb example of a moss wall is at Rita Atkinson graduate housing, also on UCSD campus. Moss walls can come with or with our live plant material depending on the application and location. Moss walls also can be tailored to fit any space or project requirements. That’s why we love moss. It’s versatile, beautiful and makes a statement. What will you Moss wall say?

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