Plant services in San Diego

Plant services in San Diego provide natural air filtration systems for offices.

San Diego office workers don’t think much about it. They just make a couple of copies, use a permanent marker, and so on. The fact is that many common office supplies and equipment emit toxic chemicals into the air. Benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde are very common and very dangerous pollutants. These substances permeate the air and can cause illnesses ranging from fatigue and minor headaches to cancer.

Plant services by Greenleaf IPS offer a natural solution…

Live plants filter and absorb toxins to cleanse the air. The recommendation is to keep at least one plant per 100 square feet of office space. This will help you effectively improve air quality and help keep your employees healthy. Fill your workspace with plants and you will contribute to the overall stress reduction. It is proven that plants alleviate fatigue, headaches, and significantly fewer employee sick days.

San Diego business owners who use plant services from Greenleaf IPS realize significant financial benefits.

In today’s high-stress work environment, we all struggle to keep our operating costs as low as possible. Plants can help keep costs low! Plants can increase employee productivity by as much as 12%. San Diego buildings with lots of interior plants tend to have 20% higher rent rates. Living walls and interior plants help regulate optimal humidity levels in buildings, which saves on heating and cooling costs. Plant service by Greenleaf IPS helps add value to your property. It stands out among similar buildings as natural and aesthetically pleasing.

So next time you are thinking about getting interior plants, just remember the experts.

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