Plants are a growing trend; we see them everywhere from libraries to retail and especially restaurants. How did plants become such a trending addition to any interior design?

Greenleaf has experienced that in a restaurant setting, plants have become more and more popular because of all the benefits they bring to the table!

Greenleaf is the expert that will create beautiful calming design and plants create engaging and creative visuals which attract people’s attention. But plants can provide more than just a decorative asset to an interior space. We all understand that some of the best conversations are over dinner, lunch, breakfast, or brunch.

Haven’t you gone to an overwhelmingly loud restaurant? Immediately after you don’t want to come back because you’re not able to enjoy a meal and pleasant conversation. Restaurants are noisy, because most restaurants have hard surfaces and sharp edges, so sound bounces off the hard surface creating an unpleasant and loud atmosphere. No matter how good the food is, people may not want to go back just because they felt stressed about the noise.

When you add plants to your restaurant you are adding an elegant and pleasurable visual element. Since plants absorb noise around you, because of their softer texture they create a perfect space to dine. People would rather be in a restaurant that is pleasant to talk in, or just quiet enough to enjoy a meal versus one that is loud.

Don’t worry about what kind of interior style you currently have because plants fit right in! Plants will enhance your design without ever clashing with the current structure. Greenleaf will work with you and with what you already have to come up with the most engaging visuals that will attract masses.

Plants are portable and ever-changing, making it easy for you to change the look and feel as you need. Changing and updating a plant wall is cheaper than renovating a wall or architectural asset. At Greenleaf, we are the experts that will help you achieve your goals with a process that will be smooth and easy. So all you have to worry about it running your business.

Another great reason to add a plant wall to your restaurant is that the presence of plants increases the value of the product. Generally, when a person sees plants, they think they are buying a product of higher value. Greenleaf knows precisely how and what kind of plants you need. It has also been, proven that it improves employee productivity and well-being. Plants provide a calming effect making the workspace a more pleasant place than what it already is. It also makes it a healthier environment by increasing air quality.

If you happen to live in San Diego, you will most likely run into some of the moss walls, live walls, and other plant installations that Greenleaf has created for local San Diego restaurants. Encontro in North Park features a mix of outdoor moss walls as well as some hip plant art behind the bar. And for breakfast, check out Breakfast Republic in Liberty Station and Ocean Beach to see the famous “Run Cock Run” plant wall and other fun plant designs all around the place making them clear examples that indoor plant designs don’t have to be boring.

Does your restaurant need a little plant pick me up? Contact Greenleaf IPS today to work with the professionals that make your visual plant dreams come to reality!

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