Have you looked around San Diego County, lately? Have you seen the growing number of community gardens, indoor plant walls and urban farms? San Diego County is turning green, literally. Take a look thirtieth and University street in North Park. Lining this bustling urban street are moss walls, succulent walls and planter boxer all bringing a much needed natural touch to contrast the sharp, harsh elements of such a well worn urban area. Is this just a fad? A trend that will soon be remembered in the past, or is this a change in urban life that will continue to mold the way we look at how we interact with nature?

According to recent surveys, the “greenification” of urban areas is not a fad that will leave anytime soon. Cities across the world are adding live walls and rooftop gardens to their infrastructure. Cities like Paris are making waves with their live wall in Paris’s Musée du Quai Branly. Cities in Germany, Britain and Brazil are among others are those that display massive live walls with the capability of helping with pollution and air quality. You can see these live walls and rooftop gardens popping up in many businesses too. Citi Bank has invested in a huge live wall in Germany.

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