Most people don’t realize that the indoor air quality of the space that they live or work in is just as important as the outside air, especially now, during COVID-19 pandemic when we are locked indoors and have to work from home. That’s why we decided to help and tell you about the best clean air plants for your home or office!

We don’t realize that everyday items that we use to clean our houses and offices have toxins in them, and those toxins can build up inside our homes and work spaces. Today we have much better built homes, which are designed to keep the toxins out, but now we spend a lot of time indoors and it tends to keep the toxins in and around us.

A way to combat that problem would be to include clean air plants into your indoor environment, but there’s a special consideration when you’re choosing your indoor plant. Plants vary in their effectiveness to clean the air. Most people don’t realize but there are hundreds of options when it comes to including indoor plants into your home or office space. Here we are just going to talk about a few very efficient types of indoor plants that will do the job better.

One of the most popular indoor plants is the sansevieria. Sansevieria comes in many sizes, shapes, colors and variations, so there’s surely one suitable for your environment. The black gold it’s the most common type and everyone seems to have had this type of variation in their home or office at one stage in their life. There is a multitude of varieties of sansevieria that would suit your office or your home space and the great thing about them is they’re very highly efficient at cleaning the indoor air.

Another plant you might recognize is the pothos. You might be surprised to realize that the pothos is also another very effective indoor air cleaner. The common indoor pothos requires low watering and low light. It easily adjusts and they are lovely draping plants.

Another family of plants that are incredibly efficient at cleaning the indoor air are the dracaena family. Dracaena has come in a multitude of styles and varieties. They can grow to enormous sizes and fill any indoor space.

Other types of clean air plants include the schefflera. They grow to very large sizes.
We also want to mention the areca palm, which is a very common indoor house or office plant you might be familiar with. There is also the ficus elastica or rubber tree which can grow to heights of 10 feet or more.

Another happy coincidence of the indoor clean air plans, they can adjust to a lot of indoor lighting conditions and they do tend to require less watering. The spathiphyllum or peace lily and the spider plant are incredibly easy to take care of and adjust to pretty much any indoor lighting and watering conditions.

In fact, all plants clean the air, but some are just more efficient at it than others. If you are interested in adding some air purifying plants to your home or office, you can contact us for a free quote today!