You see them sprouting all over the place. At restaurants, office buildings, hotel lobbies, airports, and even some retail shops. Plant walls are the new thing in interior design that are causing a national trend.

Plant walls are not just beautiful pieces to look at, but many business have them installed for health purposes. Plants inside are super helpful when it comes to better indoor air quality and improving employee concentration. They also lower energy costs. Since indoor plants help the temperature to remain cool indoors, it will save you from turning on that AC all day. And not to mention, they create a more peaceful and calm environment.

Here are some of the latest trends for plants walls.

Green Facades

Green Facades are really popular for an exterior eye catching plant wall. They are the plants that you see outside of buildings wrapping their leaves around the walls. These plants tend to grow upwards and across. Facades are useful for buildings because they can protect buildings against damage from rain and heat leading to cutting costs on energy bills.  And they look amazing!

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Moss Walls

Moss Walls are seen all over the place. They can be made into a huge display or can even just be as small as 3 square feet. And the best thing about moss walls is that they can be installed pretty much everywhere! Another great thing about moss walls is that they are very low maintenance, needing no plumbing or irrigation. As far as sunlight goes for them, they usually like shady or darker places since the sun tends fades their color.

Living Walls

Live walls are definitely popular in most company buildings and businesses. They include a variety of plant life that are grown vertically using hydroponics. Or they can also be artificial, using modular and continuous planted units. These walls do require a bit of maintenance since they are alive. Most walls are installed with a drip-irrigation system. Living walls of all types may be custom created. They are very flexible for all environments inside or out.

If any of these plant wall trends sound appealing, Greenleaf IPS is here to make your living wall design come true! Greenleaf carries a large selection of plants made for interior and exterior living.

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