The plant industry is fast blooming, thanks to Millennials

The plant industry is fast blooming, thanks to Millennials. Vertical gardens, eco-friendly, and ‘green’ environments are wanted, and you can see them rapidly making their way into public spaces.


By definition, a Millennial is a person reaching adulthood in the 21st century, which is where we are now. Adults in the 21st century are ditching the orthodox ways of living as technology advances. Millennials are changing the world’s views as we know them, and it is all for the better.

You may be asking yourself if there’s actually more greenery around us. If you have not noticed yet next time you go out, pay attention to your surroundings. You will see the increase of vertical gardens, planters, moss walls, live walls, succulent decorations, and many more variations of greenery. Just take a look at El Jardin’s live wall by Greenleaf IPS and feel the difference in atmosphere and ambiance.

Trendy lifestyle

There are a few factors that have led Millennials to change the old ways and set a new trendy lifestyle. Today’s adult is staying single longer and postponing life milestones, primarily because of the economy. Because of the high price of the real state, Millennials tend to rent apartments, rather than to buy their own homes. They still make a living and enjoy spending money on themselves. They love to spend time with friends and family often going out for a beer, casual dining, or visit a relaxing coffee shop. An excellent example of an amazing space is the Water Bar in Pacific Beach that has recently added greenery to its busy oceanfront bar. Being surrounded by plants at the Water Bar brings a calm and joyful feeling, even when you are at a busy place.

Aware of wellness and environmental issues

Millennials are also more conscious and aware of wellness and environmental issues. They tend to care about the food and drinks that go into their bodies and spend money on wellness items like organic foods and natural remedies. They surround themselves with plants at home. So, do not be surprised when they also want to go out and enjoy the greenery at the place of recreation. So, restaurant and microbrewery owners turn their dining rooms, bars, and any space into inviting oasis. An excellent example of a trendy restaurant in San Diego is Breakfast Republic that has greenery all around, installed, and cared for by Greenleaf IPS.

Adding plants in commercial spaces

We see more and more restaurants and office buildings being filled with indoor plants and/or incorporating a live wall or a moss wall as a centerpiece of their space design. Be a part of the first generation that increases productivity and revenue by consciously adding plants in commercial spaces. It is a fact that if plants are present in your business, then people will be more willing to pay a higher price for your products or services.

Push the boundaries

Push the boundaries, join the many business owners that just like Millennials are thinking about wellness and environmental issues. The results are rewarding because you will be giving your clients exactly what a 21st-century adult enjoys. Just like Breakfast Republic, Water Bar, Encontro, El Jardin, and Belching Beaver, your restaurant or microbrewery can join the wellness movement. Invite the new generations to spend time and enjoy your services in an environment they can call home. Contact Greenleaf IPS to give your spaces life and wellness that will attract any generation to dine at your table.