Living moss walls are more popular than ever before! Walls all over America are looking gorgeous thanks to the ongoing architect and designer-led interest in plants and biophilic designs for modern spaces. This blog will go over the unique design potential of moss walls for you to incorporate.

The Rise of Moss Walls in Biophilic Design

The trend towards natural elements and greenery has always been big. However, the demand for moss walls has gone up in recent years due to businesses and institutions taking employee and customer well-being more seriously. First coined by the psychologist Erich Fromm, the term “biophilia” refers to the idea that humanity has an innate desire to be close with forms of nature. People’s desire for natural and authentic experiences have become more pronounced and therefore, wellness and brand-conscious design have become more essential. Moss Walls are helping business owners bridge the gap between interior design and the image they want to convey of themselves.

Moss walls are also one of the most versatile design tools for interior designers these days. These wall alternatives have the beauty and splendor of living green walls, but with the bonus of not having to worry about irrigation and lighting requirements that are usually essential to healthy living green walls. This has helped move the biophilic design movement up into the spotlight.

The Unique Design Potential of Moss Walls

Benefits of Moss Walls:

These pieces of art not only satisfy people’s desire for nature, but also benefits people’s health. Moss walls can reduce employee stress and conversely, amplify happiness, and productivity at work. They serve a purpose while also completing the role of adding a modern touch to any space. Below is a small list of the benefits of moss walls:

  • Incorporates elements of Biophilic design
  • Combats air pollution
  • Doesn’t need additional lighting
  • Doesn’t need irrigation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Absorbs sound pollution
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Space-saving

Benefits of Moss Walls

Limitless Design Possibilities

Color, shape, and style coexist to create the perfect moss wall design. Moss walls can essentially function in nearly any way that you can imagine! Designs can be created in literally any shape or size. They can even be outfitted with wood, metal, or stone to create a more unique look. There are also several species of moss that are suitable for use in moss walls. Here is a list of our favorite types that we use in our moss projects:

  • Sheet moss
  • Reindeer moss
  • Pillow moss
  • Mood moss
  • Fern moss

Moss Wall Features

Moss walls can be either an accent or the centerpiece to a design. They help cultivate ambiance, an experience, and a mood. They are the perfect statement pieces that make a modern addition to any space. These beautiful artworks require less effort and budget in the long run, so they’re perfect for busy people, and commercial places.

  • They can come in nearly any size or shape
  • They have limitless design potential
  • The moss is not “alive” but rather is preserved
  • Great for branding initiatives in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, restaurants, retail stores, and pop-up events

Benefits of Moss Walls

Moss walls not only have massive design potential, but they are good for people as well. The ways in which moss walls can benefit your property are infinite! Next time you are looking for a cutting edge and nearly maintenance-free way to “green” up your lobby or building, think about adding a stunning piece of preserved moss artwork. Greenleaf IPS specializes in creating custom moss designs for unique spaces. For a free quote, click here or call us at 858.488.0611.