Vertical Gardens in San Diego allows us to take advantage of space upward for our gardening needs.

Vertical Gardens in San Diego

Gardening is one of the oldest past times. In San Diego County so many people enjoy the spoils of gardening because of our mild weather patterns. Many tropical plants can be grown here, allowing for a wide range of plant options. There is one limiting factor though, space. Space in our precious county is limited for most. Luckily for you, we have the solution to that problem: vertical gardening. Vertical gardening allows us to take advantage of space upward for our gardening needs. Here at Greenleaf, we have used vertical space many times to create beautiful and bountiful gardens.

Take our vertical herb garden at the University of California San Diego Campus for example. This bountiful herb garden makes use of vertical real-estate that would be unutilized to bring the freshest herbs to the UCSD kitchens. So, next time you look around your space and think you don’t have space for a garden, stop. Look up. You may have more space than you think.

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