Did you know that artificial plants—also known as faux plants—originated in China over 1,500 years ago? The first faux flowers were made out of silk. Women of the Chinese imperial palace wore them on their hair as ornaments. Today, faux plants are primarily used as residential and commercial decor for interior spaces. While faux plants have been around for centuries, there are many things people don’t know about them. In fact, we hear questions about artificial plants all the time. So we decided to get your questions about faux plants answered in today’s blog. Keep on reading to get enlightened! 

What Are Faux Plants? 

First things first, what exactly are faux plants? Faux plants are basically an imitation of natural plants for residential or commercial decoration. There are different types of faux plants you can get depending on your preferences. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to advances in faux plant design, it is now often difficult to distinguish them from real plants. More and more interior designers are choosing this alternative as they’re more convenient.

Are Faux Plants Still in Style? 

With the sudden surge in biophilic interior design, faux plants are in style more than ever before. While many residential and commercial spaces are using real plants in their interior designs, many people, unfortunately, don’t have the time or means to maintain their plants. Fortunately, faux plants are here to save the day! They provide a maintenance-free way of enjoying the beautiful sight of plants inside your space. 

What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Faux Plants? 

High-quality faux plants offer many extraordinary benefits. The top advantages these plants provide include the following: 

  • They require far less maintenance than real plants
  • They thrive under any season/conditions
  • They look realistic
  • They require no growth time and look like full, mature plants year-round.
  • They’re more durable
  • They feature built-in wires for the desired shaping
  • They’re easy to install
  • They’re non-toxic

How Do I Clean Faux Plants

Depending on the size and shape of your faux plants, there are several effective ways to keep them clean. For plants with small, detailed designs, it may be best to use a compressed air duster, dusting brush, or wipes. For bigger plants—like large floral arrangements—it may be best to remove them and rinse them carefully with plain water. Ask your faux plant provider for detailed instructions on the cleaning requirements of your faux plants. 

Do Faux Plants Look Fake? 

While artificial plants have had a bad reputation in the past several years, faux plants are no longer the tacky, fake-looking plants of yesteryear. Expertly detailed to reflect a naturally realistic appearance, faux plants today have seen a drastic rise in popularity. In fact, they’ve been praised for their natural realism, beauty, and versatility. 

Can I Use Faux Plants in My Office? 

Of course you can! In fact, most commercial buildings opt for faux plants rather than real ones since it cuts costs on regular maintenance. Besides the benefit of having green, fully mature plants year-round, faux plants will help uplift moods and boost productivity.

Do Faux Plants Need Maintenance? 

Compared to living plants, faux plants require significantly less maintenance. This is a great option for people who are busy, have black thumbs, or simply do not want to deal with regular care and maintenance. Because faux plants do not grow, you do not have to worry about watering, pruning, fertilizing, etc. The only maintenance you’ll ever have to do is give them a cleaning every now and then to prevent the build-up of dust. 

Faux plants are perfect for providing everlasting color and freshness to any environment. If you’re looking to enhance the interior design of your space without the hefty maintenance needs, faux plants are your optimal choice. We hope this blog helped you get your questions about faux plants answered. If you’re looking for real or faux plants to improve your residential or commercial space, the experienced team at Greenleaf IPS is here to help! Give us a call at (858) 488-0611, or click here for a free quote!