Living walls—also known as plant walls, live walls, green walls, and vertical gardens—are one of the hottest trends in homes, offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Incorporating living nature into homes and urban environments not only makes spaces look more inviting, but also offers a number of amazing benefits and purposes. While the use of living walls is growing significantly, there are still many things people don’t know about them. That’s why we decided to compile a list of the most asked questions we hear regarding living walls. Keep on reading to get your questions about living walls answered:

What is a Living Wall?

Living walls consist of a collection of live plants that are rooted into an engineered framework system. This structure is often securely installed into a vertical space and contains its own irrigation and drainage. The selection of plants can vary from succulents and cacti to tropical flowers and ferns, depending on the surrounding elements.

What are the Benefits of Living Walls?

Living plant walls are beautiful. They promote health and well-being, attract customers, and can improve quality of life. Living walls offer many great benefits, such as:

  • Improves air quality
  • Provides ambiance and decoration
  • Natural barrier to privacy
  • Improves indoor climate
  • Increases sound absorption
  • Space-saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Improves productivity and mood
  • Reduces stress

Do Living Walls Require Maintenance?

Yes! In order to keep your living wall vibrant and healthy, you’ll need a qualified professional to provide a regular maintenance service. The expert team at Greenleaf IPS will take care of all your living wall maintenance needs with our Client Care program.

How Are Living Walls Created?

At Greenleaf IPS, each of our living walls is individually developed by our in-house team of designers. After an initial evaluation of your space and budget, we move to the drawing board to create the perfect solution for your project. We take into account lighting, water sources, and surrounding elements to select the appropriate plants for your live wall. Once approved, our expert installation team takes care to cause minimal disturbance to your space. We troubleshoot all potential safety concerns and confirm that your new living wall is structurally sound. Your live wall is now ready to enjoy for years to come. Our Client Care program provides routine inspections to ensure the long-term health of your plants.

How do Living Walls Work?

Depending on your specific plant wall system, live plants are attached and rooted onto a vertical wall that allows them to be watered and grow naturally. Typically an irrigation system is installed that allows water to be pumped from a nearby source to your plants directly. Additional lighting and drainage may be required to ensure proper growth of the plants.

How Long Does a Living Wall Last?

A professionally installed, irrigated, and maintained living wall should last you for many years. At Greenleaf IPS, we offer a Client Care program that provides routine inspections to ensure the long-term health and beauty of your plants.

Do Living Walls Benefit the Environment?

Yes! Introducing new plants into an environment—whether it be indoors or outdoors—will offer many benefits to the environment. They can increase energy efficiency, improve air quality, and reduce indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Can Living Walls be Customized to Fix any Size Wall?

Yes! At Greenleaf IPS, our living walls are customized to fit your space and match your taste and preferences. We’re incredibly flexible when it comes to creating unique pieces that can harmonize with your unique space. We offer various frameworks that are specifically designed for different circumstances. Our plant designers can determine what system is best for your needs after a thorough evaluation of your space.

Can Living Walls be Installed Anywhere?

Living wall installations can be placed just about anywhere—from the main focal point of your lobby to your bedroom! Depending on the light, electrical, and water sources, our team will collaborate with you to pick the best space for your living plant wall to thrive.

Do Living Walls Help Block Out Noise?

Yes! Living walls offer a significant reduction in noise. Plants, trapped air, and moisture in the soil are great acoustic insulators. Studies have shown that living walls can reduce ambient noise by up to 40 decibels! This is a nice perk for homes/commercial spaces near noisy streets, highways, and airports.

Are Living Walls Only Good for Commercial Spaces?

No, living walls aren’t restricted to large spaces or commercial use. Because of their flexibility and ease of installation, they are becoming a popular decor option for residential spaces—big or small.

How Can I Ensure My Preserved Living Walls Remain Perfect?

At Greenleaf IPS, we offer reliable plant maintenance packages. Once we have installed an interior landscape, our Client Care Program promises our plant technicians to visit the site regularly to service the plants. Service includes watering, cleaning, trimming, fertilizing, and pest identification and eradication, if necessary. In addition, with the help of our management team, we respond quickly and effectively to special needs, such as:

  • Providing additional plants for new interior spaces
  • Attending to holiday and special event needs
  • Ameliorating the criminal destruction of plants

Living walls provide an aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your residential/commercial space while providing health and environmental benefits. With living walls becoming bigger by the day, it’s only natural you want to learn more about them. If you’re interested in living walls and would like to learn more about them, give Greenleaf IPS a call at (858) 488-0611, or click here for a free quote!