Is a Green Wall more than an aesthetic feature in San Diego?

In recent years, as the need for environmentally-conscious design and architecture in San Diego has grown, so too has the popularity of Green Walls in both home and commercial spaces.

The definition of a green wall can vary widely, and no, it doesn’t simply imply a wall with coat of green paint! Occupying either interior or exterior wall surfaces, the typical green wall can be anything from a brick wall bedecked in ivy, to a purpose-built vertical vegetable garden consisting of removable panels, each containing different herbs, tubers, shrubs, flowers etc.

Green Wall San Diego

Green Wall San Diego

Benefits beyond beauty

Although there can be no denying the aesthetic appeal of a living wall of lush vegetation, and this is the primary purpose of exterior green walls, there are myriad other benefits to these efficacious design features.

The average person is shown to spend up to 90% of their time indoors, and this insulated lifestyle effectively severs our innate connection to nature and the benefits thereof. If we can’t spend more time outside, the logical solution is to bring the outside in.

An interior green wall can be a chef’s best friend, allowing one to have access to a diverse vegetable and herb garden in even the smallest of spaces, with far more scope to add on to this by moving upwards instead of outwards. Green walls also serve as a natural air-conditioner, removing up to 87% of household air toxins in just 24 hours –more important than one might imagine, with recent studies showing our indoor air quality to be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoors.

Additionally, planted walls are highly absorbent of moisture, light, heat and noise helping to regulate room temperature and ambient dampness, reduce dust levels and create a holistically healthy indoor environment. Furthermore, plants and greenery have been shown to uplift one’s mood and bring a sense of innate calm, helping to reduce stress levels, whilst studies have shown they also enhance workplace productivity and patient recovery times in hospitals!

There can be no doubt that green walls are more than just a pretty face for your indoor space.

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