Our Moss Wall Project for Apple

We are excited to announce that we are working on a moss wall for the new Apple office in San Diego! Apple stores have been increasingly installing greenery into their stores, and they are starting to bring them behind the scenes. 

We have seen Apple install plants in their stores recently along beautiful walls like this one in Australia. Apple has been changing the design of its stores to create an environment that will inspire creative experiences. The greenery in the stores helps promote peace and reduce stress in both the employees and customers. Live plants plotted in the ground have been a staple of their Genius Bars, Apple’s tech support located inside their stores. With Apple bringing more plants into their headquarters, their office employees will also be able to experience the benefits!

Adding more natural elements to offices, retail stores, and restaurants has been a common theme found in many commercial spaces. Greenery is becoming routine for commercial areas that have been remodeled over the past couple of years. As we’ve covered in some of our previous blogs, companies now realize how important nature is in the workspace. Improved workspaces can positively impact an employee’s productivityengagement, and also reduce their sick days! An increase in productivity and creativity with Apple’s employees will help them feel more energized during their workday. This will, in turn, improve their bottom line. 

Many people don’t think of adding indoor plants and displays to their office as an important business decision. Doing so has shown to have a significant positive effect on employees. Employees that feel better will then perform better! Apple is starting to catch on to the benefits of nature within the office, and we hope other companies do as well.

If you are interested in adding some greenery to your home or office, you can contact us for a free quote today!