Q&A About Moss Walls

The idea of preserving live moss and using it for decorations is not new. Creating large moss walls, preserved moss logos for hotels, lobbies and restaurants however has become tremendously popular in the last few years.
We have been getting a lot of questions from our customers about preserved moss and moss wall art, so we decided to summarize them here to help those who are considering having a preserved moss wall built.

What is preserved moss?

Completely safe (non-toxic) and easy to use, preserved moss is the definition of moss that is no longer alive and has been chemically preserved and heat-treated to be used for decorative purposes.
At Greenleaf IPS we use preserved moss, which is non-hazardous, non-infectious and non-toxic.

What colors do you have available?

The preserved moss colors we have are greenish-yellow, light green, moss green, natural, forest green, rust brown, red, fuchsia and more.

What are the kinds of moss are being used to develop a moss wall?

We use three different kinds of moss: sheet moss, pillow moss and reindeer moss.
We like to choose the type of moss that best suits the project and we provide our clients with samples. We essentially “paint” with moss so choosing the right color and texture is vital.

Are there any benefits to moss walls besides attractive look?

Offices need quiet work areas, integrating moss walls is a stunning way to block noise. Open layout offices can be noisy places, using a moss wall to deaden sound is a great option. In multiple independent tests moss walls were proven to absorb sound better. Sounds levels can be reduced by around 10 decibels.

Do moss walls need to be watered?

Moss walls do not need to be watered. Unlike living walls, moss walls do not require any plumbing or irrigation.

Do moss walls need light?

Moss walls do not need sunlight. They are suitable for darker places and make perfect decorations in combination with artificial lighting.

How much less does a moss wall cost compared to the same size living wall?

While there are a lot of factors that impact cost, such as design, transportation, and installation, in general a moss wall is less expensive than a living wall, as much as 40 percent.

Are moss walls only good for large spaces or businesses?

No, moss walls aren’t restricted to commercial use. Because of their flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance and lower cost they are becoming a popular residential indoor decoration.

Can moss walls be installed anywhere?

Preserved Moss installations can be placed just about anywhere—from the main focal point of your lobby to the restrooms and even the ceiling! It is best to place a preserved moss wall indoors.  It should be kept dry and out of direct sunlight to maintain color, texture and shape.

moss wall

Are moss walls completely maintenance-free?

Moss walls are considered maintenance free. They do not require watering, trimming and other traditional plant care. However, they do need an occasional check up by a professional. Greenleaf IPS recommends a yearly maintenance appointment with a plant professional to make sure the air is humid enough for the moss wall and there is no discoloration problem.

Take a look at this beautiful moss wall in the lobby of AV8 building in Little Italy. If you want to learn more about moss walls, you can visit our moss wall page.