San Diego Is Redefining What It Means To Go Green

Everyday San Diego Residences and Businesses are redefining what it means to go green by incorporating lively and aesthetically pleasing preserved moss walls in their spaces. Green Leaf is allowing these spaces to take their love for the beauty of preserved moss walls, and their necessity for incorporating living art, into the next level. 

Going green has always been a trend, in ways of recycling and reusing. However, San Diego is making moves to make going green look better than ever. More and more business are allowing their creative flag to fly by combining their logos with the magic of preserved moss walls.

Verity Going Green!  

Above is an image of Verity’s company logo transformed into a spectacle. This wall installation is a variety of vibrant mosses. The textures carry the viewer’s eye to look at every inch of detail. The contrast of the greens and material of the letters creates a natural visual attraction. Anyone walking in this room will have their eyes drawn to this living logo!

Preserved moss is a real, live species of moss that has been treated with a specialist, natural preserving process after being sustainably harvested from its natural habitat.

This results in a product that:

  • Does not continue to grow
  • Will not die
  • Looks like it is still fresh and living
  • Requires no watering

Produce Productivity in Your Home and Work Environments

It is proven through studies that people actively show a result of more innovative thinking in an environment that includes plants and/or flowers. The addition of greenery and plant life has also proven to create an atmosphere where one can solve problems easier. This is perhaps due to a subconscious connection to feeling less stressed out when one is near plant life. More studies have been done one adding plants to working and home environments and it is proven to help lower stress to about 12%. Humans innately feel more relaxed and able to clearly think when out in nature. Bringing a little nature into your home or business can really make a difference in the long run!

Is There Such A Thing as Too Many Plants?

Some people flourish in environments that are adorned with plant life from the ground to the ceiling. Others prefer a more minimalist approach to adding plants into their space. Whichever your preference, Green Leaf has a creative and innovative solution. Whether you are looking to redefine your logo and literally bring it to life. Or you want to fill your space with as much greenery as possible, Green Leaf has the know how on making it look spectacular!

Call us today to see how we can bring live art and interior plants to you.

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