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In order for a residence or commercial business to attain the image it desires, one thing is of paramount importance: design. Not only will a professional plant program fit into such a specification, it will be a defining feature. Our experienced landscape professionals, with the aid of tools such as photo imaging, will consult, design, and ultimately create, the perfect interiorscape for your business or home.

What we offer…

Design Consultation

Our interior landscape specialists are on hand to provide the most up-to-date, innovative industry information. Guidance on plant selection, with specific attention to light requirements, along with current information on soil, fertilizer and watering/drainage techniques, will leave you both assured in the service we provide, and knowledgeable on the product you are investing in.

The Design Itself

Our experienced landscape designers, with the use of photo imaging, will design an interior landscape that not only meets, but exceeds, all the essential criteria. Areas we place considerable significance include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Light conducive Plant Placement
  • Ergonomically friendly

The Installation
Our team is accomplished in completing installations of varying dynamics, both on time and within budget. We have the infrastructure to complete installations with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency, with respect for our client the number one priority.